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Ivan Dalen overlooking rocky Maine coastline

I WAS BORN IN FOX VALLEY, Saskatchewan, Canada on a 1,000-acre wheat farm.

I grew up under the vast skies of the Midwestern prairie, working in the fields and surrounded by the changing light and colors of the days, the nights and the seasons. Shifting colors, patterns of moving light, crops waving in the wind, clouds forming, rain and thunderstorms, swirling snow, heat waves rising off the hot soil, drought and the clouds of dust were my constant companions. 

After art school, I left the farm and the austere prairie landscape and lived in Mexico where I was left stunned by the vivid color, lush vegetation and the passion of the culture. Mexico had a huge impact on my painting, especially on the love of saturated color and in loosening up my style in reaction to the extravagance surrounding me.

These patterns, shapes and colors have had a strong influence on my aesthetic and these are expressed in my love of color, shape and subtle changes of light and dark and movement. Watercolor is the perfect medium to depict these variations in nature. It’s washes, layers, feathering of the wet laid-down color washes catch the movement of light and color on the landscape.

green maine seascape with light red rivulet, watercolor paintingblue maine seascape with yellow dunes, watercolor painting

My watercolors are 12” x 16”, on 100% cotton-rag archival paper, 300-pound cold-pressed. They are signed and dated and are originals, not prints.

Ivan sig grayscale

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